CBD soda hibiscus
CBD soda lemon lime
CBD soda berry

El Hempe is a hero of a time gone by. He is humble, strong and caring. El Hempe is our host to fun times with family, friends and our community. His Lemon-Lime reminds us of mom’s back yard, the Hibiscus/Jamaica is refreshing and the life of the party. The wild berries are natural like the days in the field camping and hiking. El Hempe reminds us of friends, family and fun wherever we go.

Like the golden age of Mexico, music and artists dominate the scene today along with DJ’s. With bar mixologists bringing the aroma and taste to life and transporting us to a time of fun and happiness.

El Hempe invites you to appreciate the SABOR. Meet our partners, share with local artists and live in harmony. Whether it’s live, video, pictures, or gatherings, El Hempe is flavor.

El Hempe is a band of brothers and sisters from two different worlds: alcohol and cannabis. Most wouldn’t think to combine the two – but we did!

Our scientists figured out how to match the scents and flavors of two strains of cannabis – OG Kush and Durban Poison by using non cannabis plants; botanicals. These botanical profiles scientifically match the profiles of OG Kush and Durban Poison. All the aromas, all the flavor but without the high!