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About Us

El Hempe doesn’t belong to the summery seltzer world full of six-pack abs, double Ds, and bleached smiles. That’s why instead of blending in, we choose the opposite: to go against the grain of those perfectly chiseled jaw lines. We are the bubbly rebels, the non-binary luchadores fighting a sea of sameness with our punchy mix of flavors; a tequila-based terpene-infused sparkling cocktail made with tequila that is just as real and authentic as our people, a band of multi-hyphenated misfits who follow the beat of no other drum but their own. If you’re one of those people, this El Hempe is for you, a one-of-a-kind seltzer made for your one-of-a-kind self.

El Hempe.
An interesting mix.

A tequila with almost
200 years of tradition

Our tequila is not the kind of cheap spirit you toast with on Spring Break nights and forgetthe morning after because the only thing in your mind is a big fat headache. That’s why we source our tequila from oneof the most respected and authentic distilleries in Mexico - Familia Orendain in Tequila, Jalisco. And if it comes from Tequila, it means it comes from the best land to grow agave, that it’s 100% traditional, 100% pure Mexican perfection.

Most people don’t mix business and tequila. But Tony Bash and Joe Ragazzo are not most people. With successful careers in the alcoholic beverages industry, spanning over decades, Tony and Joe walked into a bar and between sips their chat took a turn that was bound to change the seltzer world forever. Maybe it was the tequila talking, but the idea of mixing a tequila drink with the smell of cannabis was definitely not something one would come up with in a clear state of mind. So, here’s to the interesting mix born from the brilliant minds of two tipsy trailblazers.